About us

About us

For more than 30 years, the European water industry has developed cost‐effective and sustainable solutions using reverse osmosis desalination technology as a strategy for addressing the countries’ water resource challenges.


During this period, an industry has evolved, establishing companies that have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the research, design, construction, operation and maintenance of desalination plants.

DESALIA has participated in this market and Europe is now acknowledged as leading the world in the field of membrane desalination, with more than 95 % of the European’s desalination capacity provided through advanced membrane technology.

DESALIA is recognised as one of the leader companies in the use of seawater RO desalination and has an on‐going commitment to developing this technology, through which it has earned the trust and confidence from both the clients and suppliers at international levels.

DESALIA is dedicated to providing clients with the benefit of our global experience through tailored, reliable solutions for public and private applications. More specifically, in the field of seawater desalination, we have a history of over 14 year experience and our portfolio of more than 35 desalination

plants with a total installed capacity more than 350.000 m3/d reinforces the strength and depth of our knowledge and expertise in this field. In addition our company is operating plants 66.000 m3/d total production capacity and executing plants 222.500 m3/d of total capacity.

Our knowledge and experience in operation and maintenance of desalination plants has given us an intimate understanding of process performance, membrane fouling and optimization techniques. This unique capability extends through each phase of the project lifecycle allowing us to minimize whole life costs of facilities, and to construct and operate plants at an optimum total water cost.

It is noteworthy that DESALIA is the Spanish desalination company with more experience in Egypt. Our years of experience in different projects in the country have provided a depth knowledge of the local resources so as the customer preferences what allows DESALIA adapt its designs to the Egyptian market requirements.

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