MONTAZAH Water Desalination

MONTAZAH Water Desalination

Each of the two phases of the desalination facilities at Montazah were awarded by the client to DESALIA through a competitive tender process. The scope of the award included design and build, plus the operation and maintenance of the facilities for a 5 year period.

Phase I was awarded to DESALIA during 2007 and became operational in 2008. Phase II was awarded in 2008 and was operational within 12 months (early 2009) and in‐line with the client’s demands.

The assessment process to award the contract for Muntazah was a traditional competitive tender process,
with key appraisal measures including:

Successful seawater reverse osmosis track record;
Ability to achieve design, construction, commissioning and operations target dates;
Knowledge of and access to best practices;
Compliance record in relation to quality and regulatory aspects;
Robust approach to environmental stewardship and sustainability;
Extensive technical capability;
Demonstrable track record of achieving target capital cost; and
Achieving target operational costs.

The main factor for being awarded this project was the proven success achieved on other plants, combined with a robust design and the best price.


We were successful in securing phase II of the project, similar as detailed above but greater emphasis was given to the requirement to move rapidly from the award of the contract through to becoming fully operational.

DESALIA was awarded the contract in February 2008 and through detailed design and planning, effective management and timely procurement of plant and managing the end‐to‐end process, the plant was commissioned and 100% operational in November 2009.