7Desalia plants come with a comprehensive guarantee.

Desalia also offers on site installation, supervision and start-up.

Beyond the initial sale of equipment Desalia is there to support our clients throughout with technical, operational and maintenance assistance.

Aside from offering on-site installation supervision and start-up Desalia provides comprehensive consultation services, from site planning to system re-design, brining to bear all the latest developments in the market to better serve our clients.


Desalia plants have been filed tested at the Red Sea region, working closely with operators to fine tune plant design.

Layout is simple and user friendly.

Access to all components for service is also easy and designed to minimize down-time.


Desalia plants are unique because they are designed with flexibility in mind.

Feed water conditions can vary over time and beyond the initial design parameters.

With this in mind Desalia plants are always designed for additional capacity so that when water requirements rise, Desalia plants can be easily modified at low cost to meet the new demand.